Show Notes

    Sweet Melinda & Search features Steve Kimock on guitar

    Land's End>Glory Chords features Jeff Pevar on guitar

    If you were there, you probably were asking yourself - "Who is that mystery guitar slinger, on-stage with SCI at Hornings Hideout,  August 2, 2013 during the 2nd set's  'Land's End' ? "  Old friend,  Jeff Pevar was sitting in, making this one of the more memorable versions of this song, and, then again on Saturday August 3rd, Mr. Pevar sat in again during the 1st set "Birdland".    These two sit-ins were pretty memorable.  But many people don't know that this wasn't Jeff's first time sitting in with SCI.   On August 19th, 2001,  just about 12 years ago,  Jeff sat in with SCI at the Summit Music Festival at Mariaville NY.   We know this show well because this show has been one of our iTunes exclusive "Archive Releases" for several years.   This release has never been available on LiveCheese.Com before, but we're so inspired by the Hornings sit-ins, that we decided to finally make the Mariaville 2001 recording available through LiveCheese.


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